Graey is an abstract strategy game for 2 players, which takes the traditional game set-up of white vs. black and throws in a completely unique twist: grey pieces that belong to both players equally. Vaguely reminiscent of Go, the game can amuse beginners and perplex grand masters alike. Alternate rules allow the game to one of pure strategy or one where chance plays a role.
I have created a Limited Edition version of Graey which is specifically made to be eco-friendly. It is made of natural materials, coming in a box made of wood, metal, and fabric, with dividers made from wood re-purposed from a fence that was torn down in my neighborhood, a board made of fabric, and hand-painted stone tiles. Even the rules are printed on high-quality, glossy 100% recycled paper.
Devoted players of Go believe that the physical act of playing the game should be as rich and fulfilling as the mental act, and that the physical materials of the game should be as elegant as the game’s logic - I follow those beliefs in this product. The stone tiles are truly exquisite, with a silky-chalky texture - a genuine pleasure to handle.

Each Limited Edition set is signed and numbered on the bottom of the box. A mere 12 of these games exist, and two have already been sold (#’s 1 & 4). When purchasing a set, you can request a specific number if you so choose, by adding a message to the seller on paypal, otherwise you will be shipped the set with the lowest available number remining. Get 1 of the 10 that still remain now for $135 + s&h


(The button above assumes shipment within the United states. If you live outside the United States and wish to purchase an Eco-Friendly Edition of Graey please CONTACT ME HERE.)





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