Like one of the works in the image above (or others, which can be seen HERE)?
Want a copy of it for yourself?
You can have one!

I can reproduce the item exactly as shown, or I can make alterations for you.

What sort of alterations? Many types!

For instance, you could tell me:
"Please make a copy of the white cat and rabbit image except remove the small brown attempt at a hamster from the lower corner and use an uninterrupted pattern for the border instead."

"Please make a copy of that traditional sampler pattern you made with the 2 shades blue of blue, except please do it in tan and daffodil instead" (in which instance I would email you back to clarify specific DMC color-numbers to ensure that I get the exact shades of tan and of daffodil that you envision).

"Could you make the unicorn, but instead of having sparkles at the top, write out my daughter's name in pink?" (In which case I would get back to you about font choices).

ask about any other type of alteration (just click here to email me!) and I'll let you know if I can accommodate you!


An actual example of a commissioned piece I did based on one of my previous designs is the brown rabbit. Someone saw my white rabbit-and-cat-under-trees design and asked if I could make a smaller piece that had just the rabbit in it, and to make the rabbit brown. I said sure, and asked the buyer if they would also like the nose & inside of the ears to be pink, and whether they might like to have it sitting on grass. They loved both of those ideas and so the smaller rabbit piece was made!