Perhaps you’ve seen a cross-stitch pattern in a book that you like, or one of the gorgeous designs available on Etsy, and you think it would be cool to have it embroidered onto a circuit-board. The bad news is that most cross-stitch patterns are simply too big to fit on a circuit board. There are two ways to measure the size of a cross-stitch pattern: in inches (or cm) or in stitches. I need to know the stitches. (Any inch/cm measurements given will NOT correspond to size of the image when stitched on a circuit-board.*) Usually the stitches are listed as 2 separate numbers, corresponding to width and height. For instance: 90x110. This is the information I need!

I can ONLY create patterns that can fit onto one of circuit-boards I have access to you. A complete list of sizes of circuit-boards, given in “stitch count” is displayed below:



- the number of width stitches is equal to one of the pixel numbers of a circuit board


- the number of height stitches is equal to the OTHER pixel number of that circuit board


I can do it!**

There may be some empty space around some edges. If there is enough empty space, a decorative border could be added if you so desired (see one example HERE). You can always email me to discuss possibilities.

Unfortunately some patterns list stitches as a single number, say 990. This is like giving the area of the pattern instead of the height and width. If you come across a pattern that lists its stitches as a single number, you can always email me and send me a link or an image file that includes all the pattern information I might be able to calculate for you the 2 different stitch numbers.

In essence, the process, once you have found a cross-stitch pattern you think you would like to have embroidered on a circuitboard, is always to email me. From there we can discuss the possibilities of the pattern you found, my availability, pricing, and so on.

* If a size is given in inches, it will be based on the assumption that you are using a specific fabric (such as “12 count Aida” or “28 count linen”) that is listed in the pattern instructions. Since I obviously won’t be using that specific fabric (or any other fabric), the size of a pattern as measured in inches/cm is irrelevant to me. In most cases the size of the image when executed on a circuit board will be LARGER than the dimensions listed in the pattern. If you need to know the exact size, simply send me an email with the 2 numbers of the stitch size and I can tell you the size (in inches and/or cm) of both the circuit board that would be used to create the image and the probable final dimensions of the work after it is framed - all my works come matted & framed, signed on either the front or back of the matte as per your preference.
**Some possible features such as quarter-stitches or french knots may not be executed in exactly the normal fashion.